Okay. So my goal is, as I learn more Spanish these posts titles will reflect my progress in mastering the language, but until then, this is where  Im at. Also, the keyboard here is a bit hard to get the hang of, so excuse my lack of punctuation, etc.

Its day 2 and here I am at the Hotel Descando, which is owned by my host family. The place is very cute, quaint, and I am guessing a little nicer than a typical Tico home, though by no means fancy. The kids are all grown so its just me, the parents, and the kids and grandkids who all live about an hour away in the city, which is an overstatment, of San Isisdro. As for us here in San Gerardo, well, were out there. I mean REALLY out there. Its like stepping into a time warp back to 1971, combined with the jungle only accessible via 45 minutes down a narrow and windy dirt road through a tiny valley. I suppose I have seen villages like this in my many hikes around the globe, which would make sense since this too is a jumping off point to summit the highest point in Costa Rica, Mount Chirripo. But the difference is I have only visited those places, for a few days at most. I live here now. For 3 months. And boy do I have a feeling Ill see things a bit differently when I leave. For all of you whose grand visions included beaches, martinis and coastal sunsets, its really quite different.

Thats not to say that this place is not absurdly beautiful. Because it is. We are about a half hour walk on the only dirt road to a protected cloud reserve, which is supposed to have spectacular hiking. This morning, after waking at 6:30 am – late – Maria, who is the other English teacher with a matching brown haircut and blue eyes, and I walked a few miles in the already hot sun up and up and up to the next village. We followed the strong pounding of the river along the road along the beautiful tiny but pristine houses nestled into the hillsides surrounded by exotic flowers galore. San Francisco, your flora pales in comparison to this place…

So now I will continue preparing for teaching, which doesnt start for another week. We will meet some of the students today to do level setting, which will then be followed by another exciting night of bed at 9 pm so we can be up even earlier tomorrow. To hike some more. And soak up some more Spanish, because being able to communicate is nice. And so are hot showers, which Ill be dreaming about for the next 3 months.

1 Response to “Hola”

  1. 1 Auntie Kathleen January 5, 2010 at 5:45 pm

    Its sounds so wonderfully adventurous and I am sooo proud of you! What another great opportunity! As your Mom has wrote it is very windy here, however you know me…went up to Hunter yesterday…not bad if you stayed off the west side of the mountain! Otherwise the wind was blowing you up the hill! will keep checking this blog
    love you lots of kisses!!!!!!!

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