La Playa…

With volunteering coming to a close, I’ve made the transition into vacation mode. In fear of depriving myself of the quintessential lounging-on-the-beach-while-sipping-a-500-calorie-tropical-beverage one tends to think of when they hear Costa Rica, I’ve abandoned my hiking books for sunscreen and salt-laden skin.

MEM (Ms. McCrystle) and my parentals joined me in Manuel Antonio for a week of ungodly heat and way to much food. Lying here now, with my shorts noticeably tighter, the AC in my new hotel is heaven. We managed to visit the national park and not see a single monkey (which every single person we speak with rolls their eyes and says that’s unheard of) and  take a 5 hour whale-watching tour in Uvita and see only 2 scared dolphins (as our boat chased them). Perhaps it’s MEM’s hatred for felines that frightens all animals away in fear that they too might experience her wrath… I say this because within only a few short hours of bidding her farewell, my mom and I took a bus to our next beach and saw about 30 gigantic crocodiles sunning themselves in the river along the highway, and the highly-anticipated scarlet macaw. We even saw a bright blue macaw. So.

Now I’m enjoying a break from the humidity at Playa Conchal, which may be the prettiest beach I have ever been to. The beach is made of all crushed conchal shells, giving the landscape a pink hue and the water a Caribbean feel. It’s lovely.

Pictures are up from the wedding, as well as Francisco’s finca and El Descanso, where I lived.

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